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35Lt Commercial Chemical Dosing Pot by G2 TECH *Special Order*

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  • 35Lt Commercial Chemical Dosing Pot by G2 TECH
  • 35Lt Commercial Chemical Dosing Pot by G2 TECH - Spec
  • plumbonline - 35LT Dosing procedure "step by step" guide


35Lt Commercial Chemical Dosing Pot - SPECIAL ORDER 

Frequently for mechanical systems and occasionally for hydraulic systems there may be the requirement for chemical dosing. Chemical dosing is where a chemical is added to the primary water system to treat or control factors such as microbial proliferation, corrosion and protection from freezing.

There are a range of automatic systems that are used when very accurate dosing is required however these are expensive, require frequent calibration and monitoring and, are used more in applications like pharmaceutical production or process systems but are seldom necessary for mechanical and hydraulics.

For mechanical and hydraulic systems the easiest and most cost effective way of introducing chemicals into the system is by application of a dosing pot. A dosing pot is a small pressure vessel, installed upon a side-stream bypass that allows it to be isolated, filled with the appropriate chemical, sealed and then opened to the mechanical or hydraulic circuit. The bypass typically breaches a pump so that one connection to the dosing pot is on the suction side of the pump and the other is on the discharge side of the pump.

Because the dosing pot is a pressure vessel and installed in-line, upon the hydraulic circuit, there is no need to shut down pumps, depressurise the system or decommission any of the components upon the system. When used correctly, the dosing pot will maintain the operating pressure of the system; it will not introduce any air into the system and there will be no more primary water waste from the system, greater than the volume of the dosing pot, usually 15-litres. The correct method for dosing is covered in the step by step guide diagram.

By simply placing into the dosing pot, the required volume of the chemical that needs to be introduced into the system and following the dosing procedure, the system will be treated.

If you have any questions or please give our Technical Manager a call on 1300 428 999 

Features & Benefits

  • Supplied partially assembled for easy installation
  • Flexible sizing with 15 L, 35 L and 50 L
  • Models available with custom construction also available to suit your needs
  • Unit comes complete with all valves and tundish
  • Valves are half inch fittings for easy installation
  • Wall mount option
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Five Year Warranty
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