AquaVic Fresh Water Pool Ioniser SERIES 2 2C-50M Universal Flow Cell

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  • AQUAVIC Fresh Water Pool SERIES 2 2C-50M Universal Flow Cell
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AQUAVIC AQUAVIC Fresh Water Pool SERIES 2 2C-50M Universal Flow Cell

Flow Cell Overview

Flowcells are a vital of all ioniser packages as they house the electrodes. Unlike those of other manufacturers, ours are extremely robust and compact with a straight-through flow line that ensures minimum turbulence and maximum fluidic efficiency. The clear centre section facilitates anytime monitoring of the condition of both electrodes, and they are demountable for electrode replacement. They are supplied to suit 40-mm or 50-mm PVC pipework. They are rated at twice the working pressure encountered on a typical pool filtration system.


The Aquavic Fresh Water Swimming Pool 2C-50 Flowcell, will handle pools to 175,000 litres. For water volumes greater than 175,000 litres, talk to us about our unique “Cascade System”.

What do you get?

  • 1 Qty x Series 2 Flow Cell 2C-50M
  • 50mm Dia
  • Tested to 500kPa
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Swimming Pool Ionization & Water Chemistry

Ionization has been used extensively in the U.K, EU countries, SE Asia, the USA and many other countries for many years, the development of an ever-increasing range of non-chlorine sanitisers has triggered a renaissance here in Australia, and ionizers are increasingly being recognised as a legitimate, low chemical alternative to conventional recreational water maintenance systems.

Contrary to popular belief, the maintenance of your pool's water chemistry is simple and straightforward. In drafting this advice, Aquavic have assumed that your pool is structurally sound, free of substantial water leaks, has good circulation, and the filter (sand, DE or cartridge) is in good order. We recommend that pool owners purchase a good quality 4 in 1 test kit and do their own testing. Alternatively, take a sample to an ioniser-friendly pool shop. They were a little hard to find some years ago but their numbers are increasing season by season.

Swim clear of pool water chemical cocktails, no need for "quick fix" chemicals with an Aquavic!

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