Bosch FR10 Intelligent Room Thermostat

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  • Bosch Condens 5000 W FR10 Intelligent Room Thermostat
  • Bosch Wall Hung Condensing Hydronic "Combi" Boilers
  • Bosch Wall Hung Condensing Hydronic "Combi" Boilers Digital Controller



Bosch Condens 5000 W - Bosch FR10 Intelligent Room Thermostat

Bosch is a global market leader in high efficiency, condensing hydronic heating and water heating technology. All of our products are designed to deliver heating and hot water comfort. Our environmentally friendly Hydronic Heating range of gas condensing
boilers can help lower your gas bills, save you money, and reduce your carbon footprint, the range is available from plumbonline at the lowest possible price delivered free* to your door.

Choose the most popular way of heating around the world Hydronic heating is the predominant heating technology used around the world. Bosch are a global market leader in hydronic heating and have sold 1.2 million boilers in 2011. Besides the unparalleled comfort they provide and other benefits such as quiet operation, hydronic heating can also help to reduce the effects of allergies and asthma as airborne particles such as pollen and dust are not circulated as is the case with gas ducted
heating systems.

Bosch Hydronic Heating Boilers provide hydronic heating comfort using condensing technology to harness ‘waste heat’, which would normally be expelled. This unique method of operation is more than 90% energy efficient. It delivers natural warmth through underfloor heating, radiator panel heating or towel rail heating. Our range also includes a ‘combi boiler’, which combines central heating and hot water in the one appliance.

Bosch Controllers

If no controller is used, the boiler will supply a consistent central heating and hot water* temperature set on the front of the boiler. But the use of a controller gives you a lot more options, flexibility and increases the efficiency of the system.

Bosch can offer you three different types of controllers for use with ‘combi’ and system boilers. These range from simple-to-operate programmers and more sophisticated digital, wireless programmers and room thermostats, right up to a new generation of intelligent controls.

*37 kW model only

Features and Benifits - Bosch FR10 Intelligent Room Thermostat

  • Enables load compensation (adjustment of flow temperature in line with set temperature)
  • Offers approx. 11% energy savings compared to standard on/off controls

The FR10 is a room thermostat which also assesses the output and temperature of the boiler.

It adjusts the flow temperature of the hydronic boiler according to the temperature settings you require. This means that the boiler’s output is more closely matched to the heating system’s demands.


  • The FR10 can be used with our MT10 Mechanical timer or DT20 Twin-channel digital programmer to help improve your boiler’s fuel efficiency.




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