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Caleffi Solar Hot Water Frost Protection Valve 15mm | 603

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  • Caleffi Solar Hot Water Frost Protection Valve 15mm | 603
  • Caleffi Solar Hot Water Frost Protection Valve 15mm | 603 - Installation
  • Caleffi Solar Hot Water Frost Protection Valve 15mm | 603 - Install Valve
  • Caleffi Solar Hot Water Frost Protection Valve 15mm | 603 at plumbonline


Caleffi Solar Hot Water Frost Protection Valve 15mm | 603

The Caleffi Frost Protection Valve was used by various solar hot water manufacturers to meet the requirements of solar collector panels installed in a frost prone environment.


The anti-freeze safety device prevents ice build-up in domestic water circuits, thereby avoiding possible damage to water storages and pipes in solar systems. This device has been certified to Watermark to ATS 5200.012 The Caleffi Frost Protection Valve is designed to protect a solar collector panel from frost damage when the outside air temperature drops. The air temperature is monitored by an element which reacts by opening the valve seat when the temperature drops. This allows warm water from the solar storage cylinder to flow through the solar collector panel and out of the valve. The warm water flowing through the solar collector makes it harder for the panel to spot freeze which could damage the solar collector. The warm water flowing through the valve will eventually close the valve seat and the water will stop fl owing. The Hitachi Valve will automatically repeat this cycle until the outside air temperatures rise.


The frost protection valve has small water ways and may be prone to a build up of sludge when installed at the lower connection fitting of a solar collector. We recommend checking and cleaning at regular intervals to prevent valve malfunction and possible damage to the solar collector panel.

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4 Reviews

  • 5
    Replace every three years

    Posted by Anthony Denahy on 26th Apr 2020

    I noticed water running off the roof recently, just during the night, and amounting to over 150L per day. Worked out it must be the Caleffi Anti-Freeze valve. I called the Solar hot water company and a tech rep confirmed that the valve is best replaced about every three years. Mine was letting water through even when the temperature was only 13 or 14 degrees celcius. It should not open until it is colder than 10 degrees. It hasn't been very cold since I installed the new one ( a simple job I did myself), but right now, at 10 degrees, there is no water running so I'm happy.

  • 4
    Caleffi Solar Hot Water Frost Valve

    Posted by Greg Fraser on 8th Aug 2019

    I am sure this product must to be fitted to my system for protection however, I can't understand why it keeps failing I am up to my 4th frost valve in 8 years at $125 for each valve plus the plumbers bill. I would like to know if anybody else is having the same problem. Greg please see the Blog and the solution plumbonline have manufactured to extend the life of the Frost Valves. https://plumbonline.net.au/blog-commercial-domestic-plumbing/faulty-solar-hot-water-frost-valve-get-a-plumbonline-frostguard/

  • 5
    Very well made product

    Posted by Robert on 28th Jun 2019

    Ordering from this company was very easy and the delivery very prompt.

  • 5
    Goods supplied very promptly ver

    Posted by David McQuillan on 25th Mar 2019

    Purchased as spare for winter

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