Domestic Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water System

Domestic Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water System

Domestic Natural & L.P Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water System by plumbonline

plumbonline are proud to announce our range of Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems! We provide a comprehensive range suited to Australia’s hot water needs in any sized household. Our gas hot water products are designed with the environment and economy in mind, our continuous flow systems are super efficient and have a minimum rating of 5.6-star energy efficient rating. plumbonline is committed to delivering the most efficient and effective hot water systems Australia wide!

plumbonline's gas hot water system background & features

plumbonline's range of GM-Series systems are manufactured in Taiwan. Our manufacturer is a global provider with over 40 years experience in the gas water and air heating industry. Naturally, the GM-Series comply with all relevant gas and water heating standards.

A plumbonline gas hot water system makes a great choice for a long-life, high-efficiency hot water system suited to any Australian family home, not only do the GM-Series provide continuous and efficient hot water to your bathrooms, en-suites and kitchens, its a longterm "investment" appliance with up to 6.9 star energy efficient rating, providing savings now and in the future. 

plumbonline's GM-Series Continuous Flow systems have the following options available, please see individual models for comprehensive technical and performance information.

  • Internal & External Models
  • High-Efficiency Condensing Models (GMC-Series)
  • Standard Continuous Flow (GMS-Series)
  • Minimum 5.6 Star energy efficient rating
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Anti-Frost
  • GM_Series flue accessories
  • Peace of mind warranty