External HydroPower

External HydroPower

Bosch External HydroPower now with 5 star Energy Rating


The Bosch External HydroPower range deliver continuous hot water without the need for a standing pilot light or electronic ignition.


The HydroPower system uses the flow of water to ignite the pilot light. As soon as your tap is turned on the water flowing through the unit drives a turbine in a generator, this creates electrical energy that is required to ignite the pilot light.

The HydroPower series has three units in the range, the 10H, 13H and 16H
The Bosch 13H has just achieved a 5 Star Energy Efficiency rating with the unit delivering a 13 L/min flow rate, available in Natural or LP Gas.


25% less gas usage than a standing pilot and no electronic ignition required.


Bosch its just better!