How to pre-select a Solar Hot Water Plumber & Parts simply!

How to pre-select a Solar Hot Water Plumber & Parts simply!

Hot water system EMERGENCY!! 

Preparation is the key, you don't want to go searching for a plumber in the middle of an emergency. Follow these simple steps to locate a good plumber and if you're happy, save that number to your phone!

How to choose the right plumber and replacement parts supplier to keep your solar hot water system in tip-top condition.

There are various disciplines within the plumbing trades so it's important to search for a plumber to repair your solar hot water system with the correct credentials. plumbonline's technical team are always on hand to assist with identification and fault finding for most solar hot water systems in conjunction with your chosen plumber.

The solar hot water plumbers "101 list" to aid the correct selection of plumber;

All Plumbers are required to have the necessary ticket(s) to operate. Does your plumber have the correct solar hot water and hot water license credentials You can check a plumbers licence in each state by searching the internet for "check plumbers license" NSW example HERE

There is a lot to be said for how long has the company been in operation, but new startups usually have come from larger established companies, so it comes down to the plumber's experience. The best tool is "WOM" (Word Of Mouth) by far the best method, ask friends, colleagues & family, if you don't have that data available then just ask for recent customers and verify they were happy with the service, reliability of the plumber & staff. Once you have shortlisted your plumbers get a quote, a quick comparison should be enough to highlight any problems before you choose.

Is the plumber & company insured? This needs to be verified as if their workmanship/materials fail you want to be protected.

plumbonline stock and Express Ship all the major parts for your solar hot water system, everything from solar ready hot water tanks, evacuated tube collectors, valves, differential controllers, sensors, pumps, install kits and MORE! We ship to all states, next day for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast., Newcastle, Canberra.

15th Aug 2018 C.Young

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