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Delta Caravans & Motorhomes

Delta RV Water Portable Conditioner for Camping Caravans and Motorhomes

Australia is the perfect country to explore in your RV or caravan, the Australian RV and Caravan industry is booming! With the increased uptake there is a growing awareness amongst RV and Caravan owners that while exploring the varied water quality can take its toll on their expensive "home from home" plumbing systems. Across this vast continent the average traveller will fill up the water tanks with various water supplies – sometimes salty water, water with high mineral content, bore water, harsh town water. You maybe having the trip of your life but your plumbing is taking an expensive hammering!

Delta Water Solutions have been aware of this issue for sometime and the management set their Research & Development team a design brief to solve the problem. The solution they designed is the DETA RV, it is capable of treating water quality problems found out on the road like salinity, scale buildup caused by high mineral content, iron, corrosion and hardness.