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Incoloy Sickle

Shop our Range of Incoloy Sickle Hot Water Heating Elements

plumbonline have sourced a range of hot water heating elements in all the popular models, even the hard to come by variants. We ship free to your door, straight or sickle in copper, incoloy or duraloy.

Why choose an Incoloy Element?

Superalloys, also known as high performance alloys, have become the steel of choice for corrosion resistance and versatility providing;

  • Good corrosion resistance in hard water environments
  • Excellent strength resistance in high-temperature settings
  • Excellent oxidation resistance in high-temperature settings
  • Incoloy–Hard Water

For use in extreme water hardness conditions -Bore water or Hard water towns supplies.

Why Incoloy?

Dissolved minerals (such as salt, calcium & lime) in the water supply can result in scale (like that found in a well used kettle which sometimes comes loose & end up in your coffee) building up on a water heating element. Where these concentrations are high, this will considerably shorten the life of the element. Stainless steel alloys such as Incaloy (800 & 825) are resistant to this scale build are used to extend element life in hard water areas.