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Sacrificial Anodes

What Size & Type Of Anode do I Need For My Hot Water Tank?

plumbonline have put together a comparison table CLICK HERE to make selecting your anode as simple as possible!

What is an anode & what does it do?

Quick explanation is the anode protects the tank "inner shell" from corrosion by sacrificing itself. Water over time will eventually corrode most materials that tanks are manufactured from, the anode is used to protect the inner hot water storage tank, the expensive part!

Usually anodes are positioned to run "tip to toe" protecting the whole tank, they can be straight or we stock flexible ones for hard to access tanks. The anode in the tank attracts the corrosion rather than the the corrosion attacking the tank and its components, heating elements etc. The Anode is made from Aluminium or Magnesium which are low on the Noble Scale, they corrode first.

plumbonline stock all types of anodes and accessories for your hot water system, and remember we deliver free to your door!