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Incoloy Straight Low Watt Density

Low Watt Density Elements

plumbonline have sourced a range of hot water heating elements in all the popular models, even the hard to come by variants. We ship free to your door, straight or sickle in copper, incaloy or duraloy.

Why choose an Incoloy Element?

Superalloys, also known as high performance alloys, have become the steel of choice for corrosion resistance and versatility providing;

  • Good corrosion resistance in hard water environments
  • Excellent strength resistance in high-temperature settings
  • Excellent oxidation resistance in high-temperature settings

When combined with low watt density output you have a perfect combination of efficient energy distribution in a resilient long-life element. With a marginal increase in upfront cost you can have your element do the job its meant too rather than becoming another sacrificial anode* in your tank. Reduce your service costs and increase your efficiency and check out our Incoloy range at plumbonline today.

Why Low Watt Density?

Low-Watt Density electric heating element has a much larger surface area transferring heat to water in the tank. This spreads out the distribution of wattage. For example, each square cm of a 4800-watt low-watt density element is conducting less electrical energy than its high-watt density counterpart. As a result, a low-watt density element operates more efficiently and lasts longer, because its surface simply doesn’t have to work as hard.