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Dairy Water Heating Elements

Dairy Water Heating Elements

Suitable for the following makes and manufacture;


Edson Dairy Water Heaters (Copper or Stainless Steel) DH / DHR / DH / DHRF (reverse flow)

DH-315 DH-400 DH-500 DH-630 DH-800

DHSA-450 DHSA-550 DHSA650 DHSA-800 DHSA-1000

DHRF-315 DHRF-450 DHRF-550 DHRF-650 DHRF-800 DHRF-1000 DHRF-1250 DHRF-1400 DHRF-1600

DHR-450SS DHR640SS, DHR800SS, DHR950SS, DHR1100SS, DHR1250SS, DHR1450SS DHR1600SS


Wilson Dairy Water Heaters (Copper or Stainless Steel) ECOPHP / Rapid Flow / D-Series

ECOHP-0315 ECOHP-0400 ECOHP-0500 ECOHP-0630 ECOHP-0800 ECOHP-1000 ECOHP-1260 ECOHP-1500

RF0315 RF0400 RF0500 RF0630 RF0800 RF1000 RF1260 RF1360 RF1500 RF1600 RF1800 RF2000

D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8

D2/T, D3/T, D5/T, D6/T, D7/T, D8/T