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Commercial Specialised Parts

There are no products listed under this category.

Commercial Specialised Cleaning Systems


  • Performance on wheels, goes where you go, and some places you don’t. DrainVac CHARIOTA1 is a Sadie vacuum system mounted on a janitorial trolley. It brings powerful suction to your establishment, especially those with a maze of hallways!

DrainVac ProXtrak 

  • Ideal for Disaster Recovery, Professional Cleaners & Lifting solids and liquids in any scenario. The DrainVac Solution is a powerful, light weight (lightest in the industry), easy to maneuver vacuum that discharges automatically into a toilet or other designated discharge point. ProXtrak empties itself automatically, so you can focus on what your customers value... RESULTS!


  • DrainVac BAZOOKA1 is powerful non-invasive pipe clearing solution. It has the ability to blow and suck. Alternating between modes with tremendous power has the ability to agitate and clear almost any pipe blockage. Powered by three amazing motors. Being non-invasive, a bazooka will clear the pipeline without causing damage to pipe and fittings.