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Warm Water Systems

Warm Water Systems

Warm Water Delivery System with Dual Ring Main & Hot Water- G2TECH AERIS 8|6|4

plumbonline bring you the versatile G2TECH Centralised Warm Water System! No other system presently available on the market provides anywhere near this level of packaging, inclusions and safeguards to take the guesswork out of delivering a quality, centralised warm water solution to the needs of hospitals, aged care facilities, schools and sporting facilities.


  • Suits 20 to 160 Bed Facility
  • Fully packaged, tempering, circulation & disinfection system
  • Centralised Warm Water System
  • Dual Warm Water Ring Main Pump Set
  • Hot Water Ring Main Pump 

The G2 TECH AERIS is a fully packaged, tempering, circulation and disinfection system. It comprises approved, failsafe thermostatic mixing valves; dual, timer-controlled warm water circulation pumps; a single hot water circulation pump; copper-silver ionisation disinfection/legionella control; relief valves, hot water bypass, temperature monitoring and secondary over-temperature safeguards, all mounted, plumbed, wired, insulated and cased, upon a Lockers Sheet, backed, galvanized steel frame with adjustable, rubber based feet.

The AERIS is designed and sized to meet the probable, simultaneous, warm water flow rate of a facility with only a 50kPa pressure loss. It incorporates a high level of redundancy and serviceability. The AERIS can have each of the 3 to 8 TMVs serviced without interruption to the delivery of warm water to the facility. In the unlikely event of the facility requiring a high- temperature flush, the AERIS incorporates a bypass to allow this without additional plumbing.

The copper-silver ionisation provides effective microbial and legionella control with a residual effect that will treat blind ends and dead-legs that Ultra-Violet will not disinfect. Unlike Ultra-Violet disinfection, which is a point of contact kill only; must be placed on the incoming cold water, downstream of the ring-main return to prevent contaminants from entering the system prior to treatment; must be sized to provide a minimum UV radiation dosage of 36,000μW.s/cm2; can be affected by particulate protection, and requires regular, 3-monthly maintenance. Copper-Silver Ionisation can be placed at the beginning or the end of the ring- main yet treat the entire system. Cu-Ag Ionisation is a one size suits all. It only requires maintenance once every 2-3 years, depending upon the size of the facility and its efficacy is not reduced by particulates in the water.

 The control panel for the copper-silver ionisation also monitors the temperature of the warm water leaving the AERIS system. If for any reason, the leaving temperature should rise above an acceptable (settable), level, the control cabinet will shut down the ring-main circulation pumps. This reverts the TMVs to a single-pass valve with hot on one side and cold on the other. The failsafe of the faulty valve will then shut-down the valve that is letting high temperature water pass and the increased wait time within the facility, for the warm water to reach the fixture, will prompt a service call.

Both the dual warm water circulation control cabinet and the copper-silver ionisation control cabinet have visual alarms, audible alarms and BMS outputs for fault monitoring. The AERIS is also fitted with a test cock downstream of the TMVs to allow water sampling and a ring-main flush valve to allow the elimination of air from the ring-main during commissioning or after any subsequent works.