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Electric Infrared Heaters

Shop our range of Electric Infra Red Heaters & Spare Parts

Need to stay cozy? Look no further than plumbonline! Our HeatLight range of electric indoor and outdoor heaters are perfect for the deck, verandah, pergola, gazebo, marquee, almost everywhere!

Don't let the weather dampen your spirit – enjoy the outdoors to the fullest with HeatLight!

Powered by Shortwave Infrared for Unaffected Heat Even in Breezy Conditions. Say goodbye to chilly nights with our alfresco & patio heaters designed to elevate your outdoor experience. Unlike some heaters, our HeatLight range utilise shortwave infrared technology unaffected by breezes, making them ideal for any outdoor setting, whether it's a deck or marquee.
Shortwave infrared waves travel through the air and are absorbed by solid objects like furniture and people, creating a cozy feeling of warmth. Our HeatLight's infrared heaters are renowned worldwide for their effectiveness and popularity.
So, gear up for outdoor living the Aussie way with our top-notch outdoor patio heaters & no need to stress about spare parts - we've got you covered!