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Solar Hot Water Pumps

Solar Hot Water Circulating Pumps Replacement For Flat Plate & Evacuated Tube systems

Over the years and especially during the Australian Solar Power "rebate boom" thousands of home owners took advantage of the generous State & Federal Solar Hot Water Rebates called REC's , STC's or VEEC's and installed a solar hot water system. Traditional flat plates or the newer technology evacuated tube systems where installed by numerous companies many now are no longer in business which can make maintenance on your system a little harder. These systems typically consist of a "split" arrangement where the tank is located at ground level and the "collectors" or "solar array" are mounted flat or pitched on the roof above. plumbonline have a wide selection of solar hot water replacement parts to keep your system in tip top condition. "We hold stock so your shower won’t stop", place your order for Free Express Delivery and you'll be back in hot water in no time!" 

To transfer the solar heated water from the collectors to the tank various circulating pumps and controllers where used in the industry, some of the more popular brands are; Grundfos, Wilo, Dab, Bianco & Salmson to name a few. Over the last ten years most systems have been sold with the the industry leader - Grundfos Brand as the hot water circulator. (plumbonline are an authorised Grundfos Pump Distributor selling domestic & commercial/industrial pumps.)

The common Grundfos models are the 15-14B now called the 15-14 B PM or Comfort pump and the model of choice the Grundfos 15-20 CIL 2. It should be noted that the 15-20 CIL 2 does not come with the usual Grundfos Part Number Identifier, instead the pump comes with unique batch codes (UPC's or EAN's Barcodes) The codes refer to the solar hot water system manufacturers like - Apricus, Edson, Solarark, Hills. So when looking for a replacement you wont find a matching part number. READ MORE about the 15-20 CIL 2 identification.

Flat Plate Collectors Solar Hot Water Circulating Pump - "split"

The Flat Plate systems typically consisted of two or three collectors with a 250Lt|315Lt|400Lt storage tank either Vitreous enamel or stanless steel construction, they had either a gas boost or electric boost for periods of low solar gain. The pumps of choice for these systems where the Bianco | Wilo | Salmson | Grundfos. They were used for traditional systems as well as the Drain Back type.

Evacuated Tube Collectors Solar Hot Water Circulating Pump - "split"

The Evacuated Tube or E.T's systems typically consisted of manifolds containing 20 Tube, 30 Tube or 40 Tube collectors with a 250Lt|315Lt|400Lt storage tank either Vitreous enamel or stanless steel construction, they had either a gas boost or electric boost for periods of low solar gain. The pumps of choice for these systems where the Wilo | Salmson | Grundfos. The higher temperatures that the evacuated tubes delivered sometimes caused issues with the pumps if a High Temperature Non Return Valve HT-NRV was not fitted, the valve stopped the transfer of high temperature water reaching the pump.

What Size & Type Of Solar Hot Water Circulating Pump Do I Need?

At plumbonline we have taken the time to select the best options for you, enabling you purchase & install with confidence safe in the knowledge that your pump is fit for the job. There are resellers who have every pump available on the market and will sell it to you, but they wont be around to help you when there is a problem. You need a reliable pump thats warrantied and from an Authorised reseller and of course at a great price! 

To learn more about pump selection please take five minutes to read our in-depth Blog "Sizing a circulation pump for solar hot water collectors" or if your in a hurry use plumbonline's "Live Chat" or email or give us a call on our Free Phone 1300 428 999

If you’re unsure be pump sure, Plumbonline has a committed team of pump specialists with over 20 years of pump selection experience.