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G2 TECH Retro Fit Kit

Evacuated Tube Retro Fit Kit by G2 TECH

G2 TECH’s 360-Solar collectors make replacing damaged solar hot water flat plate panels an easy and inexpensive option, giving you years of free hot water utilizing your existing hot water tank, pump and solar controller. During Winter months when we have extreme cold snaps, flat plate solar panels can easily freeze due to faulty “frost valves” or failure of the pump to operate and circulate warm water to the panels. G2 TECH provides a quick and easy Retro-Fit kit to replace your system from one panel to multiple panels. The evacuated tubes are rated to -15 Deg C so frost is never an issue. The Retro-Kit simply replaces the panels and your installer connects to the existing flow and return pipework with our adaptor fittings

The Retro Fit Kits are available in 10|14|20 Tube collectors.