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Ceramic Bobbin Elements

Shop our Rabge of Electric Hot Water Ceramic Bobbin Elements For Gravity Feed Tanks

plumbonline offer a comprehensive range of electric hot water Bobbin elements to replace your old gravity water heaters ceramic bobbin. We have listed the most common replacements (2.4|3.0|3.6 & 4.8kW) withdrawable ceramic bobbins & 2" sheaths at great prices delivered free to your door!

What are Ceramic Bobbins & where are they used?

A Ceramic Bobbin heating element is an Indirect heat transfer element, i.e. not in direct contact with the liquid they are heating, they are also withdrawable for easy service without draining the tank. Found in older gravity feed tanks, consisting of an outer 2" screw in sheath normally made from copper and the ceramic element. The bobbin electrical elements are wound and attached to the ceramic bobbins they heat as the electricity flows and transfer the heat via the sheath to the water indirectly.