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Grundfos Comfort PM

Grundfos Comfort PM Hot water recirculation solution

Most people appreciate the pleasure of instant hot water. A hot water recirculation solution ensures that you never have to wait for hot water in showers and taps, and thereby reduces the water wasted while waiting for the water to reach the desired temperature. A hot water re-circulation pump is a pump designed to circulate domestic hot water within the hot water distribution system. The hot water re-circulation pump transfers hot water from the water heater to the usage points sending cooled water back to the water heater to reheat insuring instantly hot water


Every year, a typical family of three living in a household fitted with a conventional one string plumbing system pours up to 16,000 litres of clean water straight down the drain - for no good reason at all. Every time they turn on a hot water tap or a shower, they wait an average of 60 seconds for the water to run hot. This wastes approximately 1,5 decilitres of water per second.

Using hot water five times a day over the course of a year results in a total waiting time of over one whole day.*

It's a burden not only on your pocket and your time, but also on the environment.

*The figures are based on a report by Dr. Ing. Hugo Feurich VDI and calculated as a typical household of three persons each wasting 15 litres of clean water on waiting for hot water per day.