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Delivery Information bulletin

Issued FEB 2022
Thank you for taking the time to read our bulletin regarding the latest transport delays that our delivery partners are currently experiencing. 
As a result your order may take longer to arrive. Please allow 7 business days before contacting plumbonline regarding your order. Tracking information emails provided are taking longer to be updated and we may not be able to provide further accurate information. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.
For the latest information from our delivery partners, please visit their websites.

ALERT 28th FEB 2022

Please be aware - heavy rainfall in South East QLD has resulted in flooding throughout the region, including in Brisbane Metro regions. >1 Million people have been instructed to either not leave their homes or are under recent evacuation orders - staffing in all industries, including transport has been severely affected. Deliveries to the region will only proceed where possible and safe to do so. Please be aware of weather delays in SE QLD currently and plan for shipment delays - The weather system is expected to move into Northern NSW this week and additional delays in that region should also be expected and planned for.
an hour ago

WA,NT & SA Infrastructure Delays Update

Following on from previous notifications and alerts regarding the significant infrastructure delays in SA, NT and WA due to SA flooding, we would like to update you further on the current situation.

Recap: Significant (Once in 200 year event) flooding hit SA in late Jan and, as well as many other impacts, destroyed 300km of rail track between Tarcoola SA and Port Augusta SA. This cut off the critical Trans Australian rail-line from East to West (WA) and South to North (NT). Additionally, the Stuart Highway was also heavily damaged and impassable for sometime.

OUTAGE 1: The Trans-Australian Railway (Indian Pacific & Ghan) 

Due to extreme difficulty in reaching the damaged section of track, repairs have been continually delayed and now are forecast to be complete between 17th of Feb and 20th of Feb. Delay impacts though will stretch into early March.

As Perth is now experiencing major shortages of goods supply, restrictions on triple road trains have been lifted (increasing road capacity by approximately 50%) and a convoy of vehicles is linking Adelaide to Kalgoorlie, and then rail from Kalgoorlie to Perth. Coastal services have also been seconded by the Government to ensure critical supplies. Unfortunately these efforts still fall far short of the needed capacity.

Driver quarantining laws in WA (14 days) are causing some further delays and lobbying is underway to reduce the quarantine period for the drivers.

OUTAGE 2: The Stuart Highway

Various sections of the Stuart Highway in Northern SA were impassable during the flooding event but now most of the water has receded. the condition of the road is uncertain though and only some critical heavy vehicles and emergency vehicles have been granted access since Sunday 6.02. It is planned for full re-open by Feb 11th, 2022.

Due to critical shortages over past 2 weeks, approximately 36 Tonnes of goods have been flown by the military into Coober Pedy to ensure critical supply. No other goods have yet been able to reach Coober Pedy during this time, though should begin to at the end of this week. 

An official "Major Emergency Declaration" is currently in place in SA and Federal Government is assisting the 3 states with recovery efforts.

Capital Logistics is working with all partners and other resources to best supply the affected routes. The disruption is industry wide and hence equipment is limited and significant cost increases are in place by major suppliers to try to discourage volume on the routes while they struggle to keep up with even small volumes.

Current transit time to WA is advertised as up to 30+ Business days form the east coast.

Our systems have been designed to itemise these additional emergency surcharge costs while they are in place at time of quoting, though if you are uncertain you should contact our teams for confirmed rates. the prices and serviceability are changing frequently.  

Carriers affected: All Suppliers

ALERT 14th JAN 2022

Please be aware - major staff shortages within the freight industry are resulting in significant transit delays and uncertain supply. Transport operators have warned that collections may not occur daily or on day of request and to plan for an average of 5-10 business day delays on road freight domestically.