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Evacuated Tube Systems

Evacuated Tube Systems

Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems

At plumbonline we offer the very latest Evacuated tube technology, with our standard range from Solarland with generous rebates and G2 TECH's 360 Degree Passive Tracking systems suited to commercial and high end residential installations.

Domestic and Commercial Solar Hot Water Systems

Solarland's Domestic System is an electric boosted solar hot water system it is supplied with a 315Lt vitreous enamel storage tank, coupled with 30 evacuated solar tubes. The system comes with high quality parts and controls and don't forget State & Federal Rebates.

G2 TECH R-Type (Reflector)

plumbonline bring you the very latest by G2TECH. The R-Type Evacuated Tube Solar Collector (Reflective) provides 360 degree passive tracking. Utilizing premium grade, highly polished, self cleaning reflective aluminium mirror and click and connect easy installation technology.