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Booster Pump

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Weak showers, trickling taps, slow-filling baths, toilets and inefficient irrigation?

Does your home suffer from poor showers, trickling taps, slow-filling toilets and inefficient irrigation? If you have low or fluctuating water pressure its not uncommon in domestic buildings and can be easily fixed with a booster pump.  

Why is the water pressure low?

There can be many reasons for low water pressure in residential buildings:

  • Peak usage in the system e.g. in the mornings and evenings when people shower and cook
  • Multiple open taps in the home
  • The home is at the end of the supply line or on the top floor of a high-rise
  • A leak in the mains pipes

How to deal with low water pressure

With a water booster pump you can increase the water pressure in the entire system and all appliances connected to it: Showers, taps, toilets, washing machines, sprinklers, etc.

Overall, water booster pumps are suitable for:

  • Increasing the water pressure delivered by the city mains
  • Increasing the water pressure from tanks: Roof tanks, break tanks, ground tanks and rainwater tanks.
  • Lifting water from underground tanks and shallow wells until 8 m deep to the water table