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Delta Grade Four

Delta Grade Four

Plumbonline have had great success with our Water Treatment Technology Australia by DELTA.

The Delta range is developed and manufactured an innovative range of water treatment technology products, scale reduction systems and commercial water treatment systems. Our range of DELTA products are 100% Australian designed and manufactured, chemical free, require no power and are pollution and maintenance free.

This revolutionary Australian water treatment product will be your new best friend by keeping your household appliances in mint condition and your shower recess sparkling clean. Plus, your garden will be lusher than ever!

Deltawater has 35 different grades of units and will not recommend one of our products unless we know the mineral content of the water for each individual customer. We have to be very sure that we can assist with their individual water source. As a result we have many different grades of units depending on the mineral content of each individual water source and how these minerals interact with each other as well as what they are using the water for.


Once the Deltawater Conditioner is installed it requires:

  • No Power or Energy to operate a Delta Unit - no running costs.
  • Non Chemical - a completely natural method of water treatment.
  • Pollution Free - operation of the Delta Unit does not leave a carbon footprint.
  • No Maintenance Costs - no cleaning, no parts replacement.
  • No Service Costs.
  • Will treat unlimited volumes of water.
  • Service life of more than 20 years.
  • Four month performance guarantee.
  • Australian designed, made and owned.
  • Over 20 years of ongoing Research and Development