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Wet Back Water Heaters

G2 TECH's Range of Wet Back Stove Hot Water Heaters Suitable replacement for Edson or Wilson units

The G2 TECH Wetback systems are perfect for new or replacement of existing systems. G2 TECH has maintained sizing and capacities across the range so that you can replace your old Edson or Wilson cylinder.

The Wet Back Cylinders can be attached to wood, pellet, coal or diesel burners. It is perfect for use with a wood stove, fireplace or another solid fuel burner. The heat from the combustion process is used to heat the water jackets in the solid fuel burning appliance. Water is then circulated through the water jackets and through pipes to the storage cylinder. Hot water can be delivered indirectly, as low pressure or mains pressure system, or in some cases where the fuel-burning appliance has a suitable boiler incorporated, the hot water can be delivered directly into the storage cylinder. The system can also be fully wired with an optional thermostatically controlled electric heating element, which can be used in the hotter months. When connected with the correct pressure, the system can also be used for heating the household as well as heating the water.

Benefits of a Wet Back System

  • Utilises heat from existing solid fuel burning appliances
  • Highly adaptable with a range of installation options
  • When coupled with G2 TECH R-Type Solar Collectors, households could enjoy free hot water all year round