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Aquavic New Millennium SERIES 2 Ionizer

Aquavic New Millennium SERIES 2 Ionizer

Fresh Water Swimming Pool Ionizer System | Pools up to 75,000Lt

The Series 2 is Aquavic's premier ioniser package comprising our “New Millennium” Series 2 electronic control module, a C-50 universal flowcell with a pair of copper/silver alloy electrodes, a copper test kit, a pool starter pack. The all-important installation and operating instructions – and of course our unique-in-the-industry “Lifetime Warranty”. T&C's apply.

Aquavic's top-of-the-range units feature a built-in master timer which controls the running times of the pump, an auxiliary 240 VAC output, and the ioniser. A secondary run-time timer controls the actual ioniser running time thus giving the operator absolute control over the effective copper levels without affecting pump & auxiliary operating hours. All functions are monitored by LED displays, and a Bypass switch is provided for running the system at times other than those programmed.

When used with our 2C-50 Flowcell, the Series 2 has a capacity of 175,000 litres. For water volumes greater than 175,000 litres, contact us for details of our unique “Cascade” configuration, a system which literally has no limitations and can be engineered to accommodate any volume of water.