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Delta 40mm - 1 1/2" Swimming Pool Water Conditioner Clamp On

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  • Delta 40mm - 1 1/2" Swimming Pool Water Conditioner Clamp On
  • Delta 40mm - 1 1/2" Swimming Pool Water Conditioner Clamp On - Schematic
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Delta Water Conditioner 40mm - 1/2" Swimming Pool Water Conditioner Clamp On 

Can you make our swimming pool maintenance simpler?

Yes, we can. If you are tired of your pool appearing green, of unblocking and cleaning your salt chlorinator and of trying to clean scale build-up off swimming pool surfaces, we have a solution! A DELTA swimming pool unit will address the hardness of water in your pool and give it a “silky” feel. It will prevent scale build-up, keep your pool balanced with fewer chemicals needed, as well as prevent algal growth.

DELTA water treatment technology helps combat the problems of calcium and scale build-up in pipes, recirculation and irrigation systems as well as in swimming pool pumps, filters and on pool surfaces.

DELTA treatment also results in water being softer' which improves the performance of swimming pool cleaning chemicals and gives the pool water a silky' feel. Swimming pool owners say that after installing a DELTA Swimming Pool Water Treatment unit, their pools are more forgiving when they fall behind with pool maintenance.

Features & Benefits of installing a DELTA swimming pool system

  • Prevent scale from restricting and blocking pumps and filters
  • Prevent scale build-up on pool surfaces
  • Reduce chemicals required to keep pool water at optimum level
  • Prevent algal growth in the pool water
  • The magnetic feild created by the Delta reduces water surface tension
  • Increases the waters ability to retain oxygen
  • The Delta allows minerals to crystallize in the water INSTEAD of in your pipe work

Case Study

Thoughts of wading through crystalclear water, perhaps with an exotic drink in the hand while soaking up glorious tropical weather, just about sums up the perfect holiday. And for holiday-makers staying in Villa Pantai, Candi Dasa, East Bali, the dream quickly turns into an unforgettable experience.

The pool at Villa Pantai in Bali

Villa Pantai spares no effort in creating the perfect holiday for discerning guests which means making people feeling as comfortable, relaxed and pampered as possible. Among key aspects of creating the perfect holiday environment is guaranteeing water quality, especially in the quintessential getaway playground the swimming pool. Villa Pantais Stuart Ramsay was determined to improve the water for his guests and staff and in 2008 approached DELTAwater solutions for ideas in tackling issues involving calcium build-up in his supply. He installed the DELTA water treatment technology later that year and remains happy with the results.

It is working brilliantly,” he said. Since the DELTA was installed the quality of the water has improved significantly. Its smell and texture couldn't be better. It has a sweet smell and a silky soft texture.”
Mr Ramsay said his DELTA product had all but solved problems caused by calcium in the water. All the calcium build-up in the pipes has disappeared and the white powdery stain it had a habit of creating is no longer evident," he said.
And the pool? What was it like swimming in water with the DELTA water treatment technology? Mr Ramsay quickly summed up his thoughts: “Our pool water is now so soft you just don't want to get out of it.”

Swimming pool owners across Australia and overseas are enjoying the benefits of DELTA water treatment technology. From outback NSW to Bali to Lord Howe Island to Newcastle – the demand for the purpose built DELTA Swimming Pool Water Treatment model is growing rapidly.

Owners of a fibreglass pool on a rural property in western NSW were about ready to fill it in after persevering with problems with the water for 13 years. Every surface in the pool that the water touched had scale build-up and the owners had tried everything to get rid of this build-up.
They then installed a DELTA swimming pool unit and after 12 weeks the water was 100% clear The owners reported no scale build-up at all. They are also using less chlorine!

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