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Testing incoming water pressure | Plumbers Pressure Test Kit

Testing incoming water pressure | Plumbers Pressure Test Kit

AVG AVG Plumbers Pressure & Temperature Test Kit

Before you start fitting off your new tapware or hot water system it's essential to know what the incoming mains water pressure is to the property. Mains or "town supply" pressures vary across Australia and even suburb to suburb, so its good practice to test the incoming water pressure. AVG (Australian Valve Group) has made the job easy with the Plumbers Test Kit.

Why should I check the pressure?

In a nutshell, too much pressure causes many problems and can void warranties on your new fixtures and appliances, you should not mix up lack of pressure with a lack of water flow. With too much mains water pressure things can get very wet very quickly, take flexible hoses "flexi hookers" for example, almost every toilet cistern is connected by means of a flexi hooker from the wall fitting to the cistern, although they are safe to use, excess water pressure can cause failures and that means water in the home, the same applies to under sink tapware connections, washing machines, dishwashers to name a few. Water hammer can also be attributed to excess water pressure causing unsecured pipework to "knock" especially when appliance solenoids operate.

You should carry out routine testing of your plumbing and its fixtures and appliances, you want to ensure that your investment in your new solar hot water system or thermostatic shower, for example, is not subject to excess pressure. It’s a good idea to test water pressure in the home once a year maybe schedule with testing your hot water tank temperature and pressure relief operation test. AVG has made testing water pressure and temperature quick and easy with the Plumbers Test Kit | Pressure and Temperature

Before you can start any new plumbing installation, it is important to understand what the incoming water pressure is to the property. This simple task can confirm if any pressure reduction or relief valves need to be installed and save time and money later. Unlike other test kits on the market, the AVG Plumbers Test Kit comes fully assembled and ready to use.

The kit incorporates a 1600kPa pressure testing module which has a loose nut and sealing washer for a quick and easy connection to your test point. The pressure testing module also includes an easy to read 1600kPa stainless steel gauge and a pressure capture ball valve to confirm the test pressure and to relieve the pressure when the test is finished.

The AVG Plumbers Test Kit also includes the integral pressure valve located opposite the pressure gauge, this valve allows the test pressure to be increased. The kit includes a digital thermometer and now comes with a professional and convenient carry case.

Checking The incoming water supply pressure to the property

Simply attach the loose nut and sealing washer to the nearest hose tap, then close the pressure capture ball valve and turn on the hose tap to confirm the incoming water pressure to the property. Then just turn off the hose tap and open the ball valve to relieve the pressure and then remove the test module, job done!


  • Fully assembled brass body
  • 20mm loose nut with rubber seal for quick connection
  • 50mm stainless steel 1600kPa pressure test gauge with spike pressure indicator Digital thermometer
  • 20mm ( 3/4”) Hose connection fitting
  • 20mm ( 3/4”) Hose connection tool
4th Oct 2018 C.Young

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