Fresh Water Pool Copper Silver Copper Ions Test Kit 0 - 4.0 ppm Cu++

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  • Fresh Water Pool Copper Silver Copper Ions Test Kit 0 - 4.0 ppm Cu++
  • Fresh Water Pool Copper Silver Copper Ions Test Kit 0 - 4.0 ppm Cu++ Kit Box
  • Fresh Water Pool Copper Silver Copper Ions Test Kit 0 - 4.0 ppm Cu++ at plumbonline


Fresh Water Pool Aquaspex Copper Ions Test Kit 0 - 4.0 ppm Cu++

Copper Ions Test Kit

Keep your fresh water swimimng pool in tip top condition, with the Aquaspex Copper Ions Test Kit. The test kit has been developed for water analysis and water quality monitoring, containing all necessary reagents and accessories to carry out tests on the spot. Reagents are supplied in 15 mL dropper bottles.

The Aquaspex test kits have been developed from established standard methods which guarantee best possible accuracy and sensitivity, and minimal interferences from foreign substances. test kits are either colorimetric, employing a colour comparator, or use a drop count titration technique. Each test kit is its own small chemical laboratory and contains all necessary reagents and equipment to carry out tests immediately.

As test kits require only very small sample sizes - usually 4 or 5 mL per test -, a set of reagents is sufficient for between 50 and 200 tests. Most reagents, indicators, and titration solutions are supplied as liquids in dropper bottles which allow accurate dosage of those reagents in the field. For reasons of stability some reagents come as powders. In these cases a small measuring spoon is enclosed for accurate dosage. Shelf life of reagents is usually two years.

What do you get?

  • 1 Qty x Aquaspex Copper Ions Test Kit 0 - 4.0 ppm Cu++
  • 1 Qty x Copper Buffer 15ml
  • 1 Qty x Copper Indicator 15ml
  • 1 Qty x Test Vial
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Swimming Pool Ionisation

Ionisation has been used extensively in the U.K, EU countries, SE Asia, the USA and many other countries for many years, the development of an ever-increasing range of non-chlorine sanitisers has triggered a renaissance here in Australia, and ionizers are increasingly being recognised as a legitimate, low chemical alternative to conventional recreational water maintenance systems.

Water Chemistry

Contrary to popular belief, the maintenance of your pool's water chemistry is simple and straightforward. In drafting this advice, Aquavic have assumed that your pool is structurally sound, free of substantial water leaks, has good circulation, and the filter (sand, DE or cartridge) is in good order. We recommend that pool owners purchase a good quality 4 in 1 test kit and do their own testing. Alternatively, take a sample to an ioniser-friendly pool shop. They were a little hard to find some years ago but their numbers are increasing season by season.

Swim clear of pool water chemical cocktails, no need for "quick fix" chemicals with an Aquavic!

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