Delta Grade Five 12.5mm - 1/2" Water Conditioner Clamp On

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  • Delta Grade Five Water Conditioner Clamp On 12.5mm - 1/2"
  • Delta Grade Five Water Conditioner Clamp On 12.5mm - 1/2" - Schematic
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Delta Grade Five Water Conditioner Clamp On 12.5mm - 1/2"

DELTA are experts in solving water-associated problems with custom-made water treatment technology. In the company's manufacturing plant located in N.S.W, DELTA develops and manufactures its innovative 100% Australian products to tackle water quality problems all over the country as well as overseas. All DELTA products are easy to install, effective and backed with a genuine guarantee.

Environmentally friendly technology..... no carboon footprint 

The technology is environmentally friendly, pollution and maintenance free and incurs no chemical, maintenance or energy costs! 

What DELTA product is right for you? 

Want to know what is the right DELTA product for you? Contact our Water Advisory Service to learn more about which DELTA product will best suit your needs.

We offer solutions for a broad range of applications

  • Mining
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Commercial
  • Domestic sectors

The DELTA range of water treatment products includes?

Small Pipes, Clamp-On Water Treatment

There are several models of the DELTA Small Pipes, Clamp-One Water Treatment unit for pipes ranging in size from 12 millimetres to 50 millimetres. We manufacture them in two halves to fit over your existing small pipe. They work on small pipes of non-magnetic material. It's so easy! With the DELTA Small Pipes Clamp-On Water Treatment range, simple place the two halves over the pipe and bolt together.

Large Pipes, Flanged Water Treatment

The DELTA Large Pipes, Flanged Water Treatment range is made on high quality polythene pipe with slip-ring galvanized mild steel or stainless steel flanges at either ends. This range is for pipes 75 millimetres and larger and can be manufactured using copper or stainless steel pipe — depending on your needs.

Heavy Duty Water Treatment for High Mineral Content

Due to an increasing demand for a product to treat water with extremely high mineral content, we have tested and developed the technology in our Heavy Duty Water Treatment product range to suit a variety of applications.

We have created our products to meet a diverse range of applications from single point domestic systems through to complex commercial water treatment system.

Our Conditions come in 5 grades which relate to their strength. The table below will give you a guide as to the model you will require, if you need assistance please email us the following information:

  • Current water analysis report (we can assist with this if you do not have it)
  • What sort of water (ie bore or dam)
  • What will you be using it for (eg garden, stock, type of crop, house, drinking)
  • What sort of problems have you had with the water
  • Delta Water also have specialist models for Boreholes, Jet Pumps, Swimming Pools and Airconditioning Units. If you require sizing greater than 300mm then please contact us for pricing

Please call 1300 428 999 and ask to speak to our Water Treatment Expert

Better water naturally!

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