AVG Pressure Reduction Valve 20mm FxF Range 250kpa - 650kpa

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  • Pressure Reduction Valve 20mm FxF (Female BSP) Range 250kpa - 600kpa
  • Pressure Reduction Valve 20mm FxF (Female BSP) Range 250kpa - 600kpa  - Female Tread
  • Pressure Reduction Valve 20mm FxF (Female BSP) Range 250kpa - 600kpa  - Features
  • Pressure Reduction Valve 20mm FxF (Female BSP) Range 250kpa - 600kpa - Dimesions
  • Pressure Reduction Valve 20mm FxF (Female BSP) Range 250kpa - 600kpa  at plumbonline


Pressure Reduction Valve 20mm FxF (Female BSP) Range 250kpa - 600kpa 

A pressure reduction valve (PRV) can be a valuable addition to many piping systems. If the incoming water pressure is too high, this can put unnecessary strain on water heaters, pipe work, plumbing joints, taps and tap washers. It can increase the risk of burst hoses on washing machines, water leaks and possibly magnify any existing water hammer problems.

The valves are factory set at 500 kPa. The down stream pressure is adjustable from 250 to 650 kPa by turning the screw on top. Clockwise to increase pressure and anticlockwise to reduce pressure. For pressure monitoring, there are three gauge ports standard on the body of the valve so that a gauge can be fitted to monitor the upstream and downstream pressure.

The tagging eye has been cast into the PRV body to allow the valve to be identified and tagged for mechanical service.

What do you get?

  • One (1 Qty) AVG Pressure Reduction Valve 20mm Female x Female BSP
  • plumbonline's rapid order turnaround, even for late afternoon orders
  • Australia Post delivery to your door

Valve Features

  • No breather hole
  • Stainless Steel Seat
  • Triple Test Points
  • Adjustable Range 250 – 650 kPa
  • Compact design
  • DZR brass valve body
  • Factory set at 500 Kpa
  • Internal strainer
  • High Flow rate

Non Return Isolation Pressure Reduction Valve Installation

The pressure reduction valve must be installed by a licensed plumber and in accordance with AS/NZS 3500, relevant local requirements and the following manufacturer’s instructions. important note - Flush out your lines to remove any debris or dirt particles that may cause the valve to malfunction.

1. The pressure reduction valve may be installed horizontally or vertically.
2. It is recommended that isolation valves be fitted either side of the pressure reduction valve to assist future maintenance operations.
3. The PRV15 and PRV20 are protected by an internal stainless steel meshfilter. If the valve is being installed in an environment where fine dirtparticles are present it is recommended that a line strainer be fitted upstream of the valve.
4. ensure that the valve is installed in an accessable position for future maintenance operations

5. Install the valve with the arrow on the valve body pointing in the direction of flow.

For best operation the inlet pressure should be at least 100 kPa higher than the outlet pressure.

Recommendations for installation
1. Do not install PRV’s below ground.
2. If the installation is at risk of water hammer, fit a water hammer arrestor.
3. If the pressure setting is important for the protection of equipment fit a pressure relief valve downstream of the valve.

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