Resol SD3 Smart Display Unit

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Resol SD3 Smart Display Unit

Plumbonline have extended our solar hot water spare parts catalogue to include the Resol range of solar differential controllers. We have all the major spare parts for your solar hot water service wether it be flat plate panels or evacuated tubes. The solar hot water parts range is now online and ready to order with complete tech specs to ensure your seamless selection. If you’re unsure which part suits, Plumbonline has a committed team of specialists with over 30 years of solar hot water selection experience.

Solar thermal or hot water technology taps the infinite energy resources of the sun to face the ecological responsibility of tomorrow. Solar thermal systems are operated and controlled by solar controllers. RESOL differential temperature controllers are used in solar, heating and air-conditioning systems to initiate switching processes depending on thermal, hydraulic and environmental conditions. Apart from these basic functions, RESOL controllers offer a variety of options and functions for the optimum use of individual solar and heating systems. All RESOL products are future-oriented, sophisticated and unique in their design. 

The RESOL SD3 Smart Displays are used for visualising data issued by the controller. The Smart Display SD3 indicates the collector temperature, the store temperature and the energy yield of the solar thermal system.

The SD3 Smart Display is designed for simple connection to RESOL controllers with VBus®. An additional power supply is not required.

RESOL SD3 Features

  • Visualisation of collector and store temperature as well as heat quantity (SD3)
  • Visualisation of solid fuel boiler temperature and bottom / top store temperature as well as pump status (SDFK)
  • One 6-digit and two 4-digit 7-segment LED displays (SD3)
  • Three 4-digit 7-segment LED displays as well as one bicoloured LED red/green (SDFK)
  • Simple connection and power supply via RESOL VBus®
  • °C and °F versions available

 Technical Data

  • Housing: high-grade steel frame with wood elements
  • Dimensions: 150 x 165 x 24 mm
  • Protection type: IP 20 (suitable for dry rooms)
  • Protection class: III
  • Display: numerical 7-segment LED display, bicoloured LED red/green (SDFK only)
  • Segment size: 7.5 x 10 mm, 10° digit inclination
  • Ambient temperature: 0 ... 40 °C
  • Power supply: via RESOL VBus®
  • Data interface: RESOL VBus®
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